Budgeting 101: The best gift you can give a graduating senior or college student….really!




More than basic budgeting, but detailed enough to help earners use money wisely.

I learned some things after being on the executive board for a credit counseling company for some time. Often, it is not the lack or excess of the money we earn that gets us into budgeting problems.

This first product, because there will be others, is meant to help the high school and first one to two year college student get started learning the critical skills thinking they need to budget well. The students – themselves – told me through a survey what they needed and were too shy to ask others about.  If they use just one of the ideas from the many listed, it will more than pay for the price spent on this gift for them! So you can feel confident to give it as a gift to that age group…and THEY NEED IT!   Once the student receives this gift, they can keep it. It is theirs to review anytime and learn from it. It doesn’t go away. They will not buy it for themselves, but others can purchase this very inexpensive gift for graduation or congratulatory gift anytime.  Note: We accept no liability for choices made after obtaining this product. Its intent is only to help improve budgeting choices for the user.



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