Consolidated and Personal Business Services (CPBS) is not your ordinary consulting firm. We are primarily dedicated to improving the client company’s profits through management, staff, product, and service integrations. Whether the client needs management, staff, and employee training to infuse communication, productivity, or training CPBS brings all to bear to increase timely and strategic organizational profits.

The company brings with it over 25 years of civilian experience in the management, and 33 years of military supervisory experience in personnel, logistics, technological governance associated with requirements and capabilities. We provide complete support on the development, implementation, management, and training so that separate units, or parts, of the organization can see the benefits of their counterparts within the organization. The company can further provide job description realignments to enhance profitability as organizational strategic change takes place. Training of internal sales teams, customers, and downline vendors to promote knowledge and support of the client’s products and services is a fundamental goal of CPBS.

We provide a very personal touch to executive training to help the design and implementation aimed at improving the profitability of the company. We provide support in numerous areas, such as advice on ensuring the most efficient design, infrastructure readiness, HR training assessments, management and employee relations training, outsource contracts readiness assessments, integrated operations, management and both timely and strategic real value operations engineering that helps your company achieve better integrations with suppliers to enhance profits.


About the Founder:

Since January 1st, 1992 Consolidated and Personal Business Services (CPBS), a business management consulting firm, has served civilian and military companies and organizations alike. Terrence Farrier - PhD, MSS, MBA- President and Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated and Personal Business Services (CPBS), is grounded in a professional civilian consulting experience which extends into an additional career as a 33 year U.S. Army Reservist. His team excels in assisting CPBS contracted clients with business development and profit maximization through the implementation of leadership and organizational change integrations.

Outside the myriad of civilian firms CPBS has helped to maximize their profits, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) served as an advisor to the Command Advisory Group (CAG) at Joint Forces Command, a two-star command in Virginia, and served as a consultant for the Joint Warfare Improvement Group (JWIG). Dr. Farrier has been selected for think tank operations throughout his military career. He has a Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University, an MBA from Regis University, and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. He is published in the Army Logistician, Walden University, and the Academy of Business Association.

Affiliations include: Masonic Lodge, Returning Officers Association, and the VFW.

“Helping others succeed is the true banner of a leader. I hope to help others become those leaders.”

Contract Lead Officer:

Dr. Anthony Lolas is considered a global operational management expert in a wide range of projects from A&E/Construction to information systems design and development oversight. As a high level consultant and manager, he is a noted turnaround agent. He has received many awards for efficiency, productivity, and cost effectiveness as well as the Taxpayer Watch Dog of the Year Award from the Governor of South Carolina.